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What’s Next?

Well, what's next now? ......

I'm trying to find a job right now, in fact I've been trying to find one for almost 6 months now! This really sucks. Currently I'm working on my CCNA and I hope that I'll be able to take it in a week or two. Maybe then, everyone will have more interest in me for positions. Hey, that's one reason I wanted to set this blog up, so that I could send people here to read about me, get info, and check out my resume and my goals. I really hope some good news comes soon...

On another note, the two plugins that I've completed since I started to work with WordPress are done and ready to be implented. They are currently running on this site and working great. I still need to setup everything else on this blog such as the about me page and online users plugin. I'm going to post tommorrow my new plugins on the WP Plugin Competition Blog and Wiki along with here.

Wish me luck!

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