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Well I'm trying to take my CCNA test. I've been reviewing with all of my notes and test prep software, taking practice tests, and just short of blowing my mind out! I was going to take it today, but I didn't feel 100% yet :blink_tb:. I know I'll be good to take it either sometime this next week or next saturday. I really need this!

I've been trying to find work for over 9 months now, just getting by with side jobs for computer repair or building a new computer. I really want to find a good job that I can count on, that would pay the bills and help me work towards my goal, to become a telecommunications Admin or Technician. :glurps_tb:

Right now I'm just .... :jittery_tb::lol_tb::blush_tb::help_tb::bigsurprise_ee: .... if you get what I mean. O well ...

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