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Site Problems Solved!

Well this should say it all! :clap_tb::thumbup_tb: I solved my web hosting problems with my site not displaying my js menu on my main site LMB^Box. The problem was that my hosting provider had the server setup with mod_security enabled and setup not well. :ponder_tb: It was blocking access to some of my files like .css and .js, but after not getting any real help from my hosting support and a long time on google, I found the real problem and a way to disable mod_securtiy with .htaccess commands. :guns_tb::smoke_tb:

So now everything is working great and running correctly! No more of these problems! Now I only have to update my site's content since alot has changed for a while ... not going to try selling hosting any more, not even thinking about opening a gaming cafe anytime soon (not that I would want to, just don't have the resources), would like to still get my gaming section up though ... also my backups section up as well and my shop to buy the backups and some custom systems that I may make soon, I may get my forum section up too but I really don't need one right now ... and my pcwork section really isn't that big of a deal so I may just kill it but on the other hand, I would like to be able to have a section just to my customers to go to for info on what I'd do for them ... we'll see.

I know that there really isn't any interest in my blog right now or ever, but I'd just like to write what's on my mind and what I need to do. I really need to take my CCNA here soon, I'm ready for it but I've put it off for 2 weeks now. I'm just trying to find a decent job and I'm hoping that the CCNA will bring more interest to me. I've been working on these WordPress Plugins recently and have another great idea for a plugin as well, but I done think that I'll have that much time to work on it right now. It may have to wait a few weeks ... but I do want to finish the one plugin that I'm on right now, this File Press Plugin is going to be wonderful both for me and anyone who likes it! That's it for right now ...

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