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Damn Thomson Prometric SUCKS!

I'm really pissed off right now! I have been studying hard and long to take my CCNA test and I go and make an appointment to take the test tommorrow, just then I find out that I need two forms of identification and one has to be gov. issued photo id (driver's license, ok good), both have to have my signature, the second form can be credit cards and check cashing cards, AND social security cards are :nono_tb: NOT accepted! Great!

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About 6 months ago, I changed my last name from Schanno to Montague (I don't want to have anything to do with my family ...). I got my new social security card and drivers license but I didn't get a new debt card, ATM card, and I wasn't in school anymore so I don't have a new school id. SO, I'm stuck! I can't take my test until I get a new debt card issued to me and that will take about 10 days ... SHIT ... I wanted to take this test NOW :wallbash_tb:! Damn me for not taking care of this sooner! But think about this, why the freak will they NOT accept SOCIAL SECURITY cards? They are as good as GOLD when it comes to identification! There answer ... the form of identification must be laminated or plastic ... well that's just great! :jittery_tb:

What am I going to do ... just :mellow_tb: w a i t ! I just give up ... :surrender_tb: ... later everyone.

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  1. I’ve lost 2 weeks trying to buy vouchers from Prometric. Dealing with them is extremely frustrating.
    The web application has a lots of bugs by the way…

  2. I am an MCT (Microsoft Trainer) and I hate prometric so much that I have often considered decertifying so I would no longer have to deal with Prometric. Seriously.

    First, they only have 1 testing center in [My City] and that testing center has so many issues with Prometric that they only offer testing 1 or 2 days a week for a few hours. I have personally visited this site to enquire about the lack of openings and I was told in few words that they themselves find working with Prometric to be infuriating. Need I say more? So I have to drive to [Another City] to take tests which is 1.5 hours away. Also, my city is by no means a “town.” Pearson VUE has about 10 or so centers here!!!

    Since I am an MCT I have to actually call into Prometric to schedule tests and get my discount on exams and let me be 100% honest with you… if you hate their website you have in no way experienced the hell that is their phone support. Rude, challenging, inept and rarely helpful is how I would classify it. Funny thing is you can talk to most MCT’s and you will find a near universal distain towards Prometric. They do really universally suck.

    Today I was about to schedule my next batch of tests (I take 2-4 a day since I have to drive to another city to take them) and I noticed that they are implementing a rescheduling fee. It is as if they are attempting to be the world’s most hated company. Obviously some won’t find this to be an issue but often I have to reschedule tests because of work or training and this infuriates me.

    Years ago when I found out Pearson VUE was being discontinued as a provider I bought as many vouchers as I could through them to avoid Prometric for as long as possible. Not long enough.

  3. Hey! Good post! Please do keep us posted when all will see a follow up!

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