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Damn Thomson Prometric SUCKS!

I'm really pissed off right now! I have been studying hard and long to take my CCNA test and I go and make an appointment to take the test tommorrow, just then I find out that I need two forms of identification and one has to be gov. issued photo id (driver's license, ok good), both have to have my signature, the second form can be credit cards and check cashing cards, AND social security cards are :nono_tb: NOT accepted! Great!

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About 6 months ago, I changed my last name from Schanno to Montague (I don't want to have anything to do with my family ...). I got my new social security card and drivers license but I didn't get a new debt card, ATM card, and I wasn't in school anymore so I don't have a new school id. SO, I'm stuck! I can't take my test until I get a new debt card issued to me and that will take about 10 days ... SHIT ... I wanted to take this test NOW :wallbash_tb:! Damn me for not taking care of this sooner! But think about this, why the freak will they NOT accept SOCIAL SECURITY cards? They are as good as GOLD when it comes to identification! There answer ... the form of identification must be laminated or plastic ... well that's just great! :jittery_tb:

What am I going to do ... just :mellow_tb: w a i t ! I just give up ... :surrender_tb: ... later everyone.

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  1. I have had my own problems with them:

    In summary, during the course of nearly a month and a half I have attempted to take Microsoft Certification Exams. I estimate that in my three attempts to take an exam and in the hours spent on the phone with Thomson-Prometric bureaucracy I have wasted over 8 hours of time. It is evident to me that this is an organization that does not care about the treatment of its customers. Below is the excruciating detail of my experience.

    Thompson Prometric Sucks

  2. Thomson Prometric is a huge testing bureauracy. If you have a problem, they can’t solve it nor do they care to. They are rude, arrogant and condescending

  3. I also had a horrible experience with this inept company.

    I arrived with my printed materials, id, etc to take my life&health insurance test test and was told that there was a computer system problem and my name wasn’t coming up, therefore they wouldn’t give me the test. Additionally, I’d have to re-schedule the test for 2 weeks from then to take it again. The fact that it was clearly their fault didn’t compel them to offer me a sooner than 2 week testing slot.

    I was finally able to arrange to take the test 3 days after the date I had scheduled, got there, and was told again that they didn’t have my name on file and wouldn’t give me the test.

    Although I am short on both , I’m spending considerable money and time to take my GREs in another state, so that I can take them in a non-Thompson Prometric location. With the insurance test I only needed to pass, but since every point counts on the GREs I can’t afford to deal with the beurocratic distractions which come from this level of systematic ineptitude.

  4. I tried to buy a voucher for the CompTIA Network+ exam on Prometric’s website. Entered all my credit card info, hit submit and >POOFHOW do you make a webform that’s so picky? I wouldn’t even know how to do that except on purpose. And if they know the site doesn’t support those browsers, why no message on the site stating that?

    I figure he’s probably just lying.

  5. Thompson Prometric is, hands down, the worst most arrogant shiftless excuses for human beings I’ve ever been witness to. On September 10th, 2007, me and fellow Electrologists, who had been waiting the required 6 months to even take the Electrolysis State Exam, took it as a Thomson Prometric site in Orlando at the University of Phoenix. Thomson Prometric, in an effort to save money, didn’t rent the space they were supposed to, violating their own contract. Students taking this exam were supposed to be one to a table. But TP chose to cut corners and place 2 students at each table. Thomson Prometric bleats about the results will be in between a 4-6 time frame. It’s been OVER 6 weeks and we STILL don’t have our results back from these idiots. The vast majority of Electrologists taking this State Exam want to go on to do Laser Hair Removal (Being an Electrologist is required to do Laser Hair Removal) So we went through 320 hours of Training, my school cost me $4900 (As a single mother I didn’t get a grant or a loan and paid cash). Then the 6 month required wait to take the test, then the 4-6 week time frame to grade the test (This test could’ve been graded by a retarded gorilla in 30 minutes) and we’ve been waiting and waiting. If I check my email to see if my results are in yet, and if I get one more “enlarge your penis” advertisement, I’m going to scream!!!
    Unfortunately, we cannot take our Laser Training course UNTIL we have our State Exam results in. I am writing to every single one of Thomson Prometric “customers” and telling them if they want credibility, they need to use another company with a decent reputation, or theirs will suffer.

  6. Prometric lost Microsoft Certification Test

    Prometric lost my wife’s Microsoft Certification test after she finished it! All her effort is gone so be aware.

  7. Have booked 4 tests for employees, found it very difficult and time consuming on the phone. I then spent 1/2 hour on line and phone trying to track down contact number to get receipts, & query double charge for study materials. They have got your money and dont care beyond that. You get the impression they dont want to be contacted directly. I now try to steer clear of any website that doesnt have clear contact details and a terrestial address, which, incedentaly, I think is illegal in the uk! Their direct contact number in UK is 0870 241 0204.

  8. Form the blogs you are all American. Thomson also have contracts in England are they just as inept, useless, rude and ignorant over here. How do they survive in business. It has taken me 90 mins to book 2 safety tests for the UK construction industry.

  9. I was ready to send an email to contact help just to say “YOU SUCK” and then I wanted to know if anyone else had anything to say and I googled PROMETRIC SUCKS and then voila, there you go!

  10. YES, Prometric sucks! Its all about the benjamins.
    I accidently signed up for the wrong class, they could care less.
    Once they got the money, no help. Just wanted to pass along that with Prometric, the customer is LAST. Most places would welcome previous customers, and want their business again.

  11. I find it hard to believe that no one from Thomson have tried to defend themselves here. I worked for them until a year or so ago and they have a hard time pleasing both the customer and the client.

    Now on the ID front… let me ask you how you would like to see us let someone in to do another persons test. I have been on the front line and believe me this is happens everyday. You have slogged away to gain the knowledge required for your test and somebody else pays a few dollars/quid to get somebody else without morals to do their test. So yes we scrutinize id. Moreover somebody that hasn’t done their homework gets that job your after because they got someone to do their test. Now from my perspective I would rather have proper ID from the start…if you haven’t got it then get some….. It is a harsh reality that there are too many people out there that want to buck the system…and a further harsh reality that you need ID to do so much these days. Also on your booking confirmation letter it will clearly state the type of id you require. Different tests require have differing ID requirements.

    As for the computer side..yes there are issues…..I have arrived from a perfectly good session to find my systems inexplicably down…no rhyme or reason….thats technology and it sucks. Yes there are people working for Prometric that could do with lessons in humility…..so take the time and get a name….then write to the corporate head-quarters and complain. Do it nicely and eloquently…..as you would like if it where directed to you about your employees and they can start to rectify the situation…..slagging them off on here may vent your anger for two minutes but who gives a toss…..let them know and they can address the situation…..don’t tell them and then it’s you that has wasted your time.

    I worked for them for a few years and to be fair it wasn’t all a bed of roses….however when they realized there where issues they made to sort them out…..maybe not always in my favor but then thats business.

    If you purchased a product from a High Street retailer and you where not satisfied you would return it with complaint. So in this case question the service and complain if required. Slagging off id requirements when it is clearly what you would want when the argument for is put differently is clearly not the way to go.

    In the case of the missing results I think that providing you have proof of the taken test they should move heaven and earth to rectify this. Her name will have been on registration and time sheet plus don’t forget they have cameras at every workstation.

    The comment on a retarded gorilla….nice….(would that be a retarded gorilla with at least 320 hours of training in your field???) Thomson have hundreds of different exams sat….they are a testing solution (not necessarily or always a marking solution), and if the results aren’t correlated by the computer then they have to be assessed by the someone probably with more sense of your answers in your given field…..

    The comment on 90 minutes to book two tests in the UK… I worked on the CITB contract for Prometric and now freelance in the building industry and book these tests on a weekly basis and it takes me roughly two to three minutes per candidate to book them into the system from the skills website. I can only think either theirs or your system was on a go slow that day….it is not the norm.

    The receipt for test in the Uk is clearly printed on the confirmation letter.

    I would think the ‘terrestrial address’ is done in this manner as so as not to put to much strain on the client and to try and direct as much as possible through the help desk….which incidentally is what it is there for. However you only have to google the companies head office and it will come up.

    To sum up Thomson have hundreds and hundreds of employees and hundreds of clients all over the world….it must be a logistical nightmare. As a disabled employee they looked after me way beyond that they where required by law. I did not always agree with my managers, their managers and the directors but then I could only see things from my perspective and not from a company wide view. Overall, as with any large organization, things do go wrong but I reiterate complain in writing, nicely, and things can be done….. comments like these may vent your anger for microseconds but doesn’t cure the issues.


  12. Prometric sucks, horrible, rude, pathetic. There must be a better organization. If anyone knows, please post it! I hate giving them my money.

    They are the most pathetic people in the world, they know you have to deal with them to get certified. Because of that, they think they can crap on you.

    When I have to do my continuing education or get certified, I just cringe thinking about dealing with them.

    • Took Security+ last week. Got 848 out of the 100-900 range. Checked CompTIA site a week later and it said I FAILED. Called them and they said Prometric reported I scored 100. That’s missing every question. Just guessing, I would probably get one hit. Anyway, I’ve been working with Prometric for a week now to correct the problem, FAX’s, IT fixes, many calls, etc. Even if it got fixed today, that mean CompTIA site want be getting an update for another week. That’s at a minimum, at total of 3 week from passing test to appearance on CompTIA. Good thing I not needing their verification for a job right now. Yes I agree Prometric suck, big time. Very poorly managed. Should be replaced for testing.

  13. Duncan, since it’s been sooo long since this happened to me, i had to reread what i posted. The original argument i had against Prometric is that fact that they don’t consider a US Social Security card a valid ID. Back then, Prometric wanted one government issued photo ID and a secondary ID with your name and signature. Great, that shouldn’t be any issue.

    You have a US Driver’s license that has my new name, photo, and signature. The second form of ID should have that same name and signature. Why would you not accept a Social Security card when you would except a Credit Card? they both are exactly the same except the numbers on them are used for different purposes. In fact, a Social Security card is MORE important than a Credit Card, as you can cancel / report a stolen CC number but if your Social Security number is stolen, you just have to deal with it!

    Since then, I’ve take a few MS Cert exams at a different testing location (i’ve since moved to Annapolis, MD) in 2007 and 2008. Since i had both a driver’s license and credit card with the same name, i had no problems at all sitting down to the test. The only issues i’ve had since were only because of the testing software.

    Yes, i do see why requiring forms of ID are important but i don’t see why the second ID couldn’t be anything with your name and signature as the government issues photo ID would have to match.

  14. Hi LordMontie,

    I do understand as over here we have the same rules…however, Thomson do not make the identification rules…the client does…Thomson just do as they are told. The invigilator does have some leeway although some test sites are more prone to cheating than others. If you are unlucky enough to go to one of these sites then the checks may be more rigorous. Personally I think the whole system should become more rigorous. They did try to implement biometrics and I think this should be a standard. The first time you test you should still do the various forms of ID but at the same time have your fingerprint or iris image taken electronically. There have been cases where I have refused low grade id simply because I recognized the applicant as a previous tester and they denied ever taking a test. The problem with many ids these days is that it is not impossible to replicate it. I used to produce ids and holographic representations for a company in London….with todays pc and mac based systems it isn’t all that difficult to reproduce some of the more basic forms of id.

    By taking the biometric information you can alleviate a single person taking tests for others. I do understand that the costs of such a system would be great and then the security of such data has its own issues but all parties need to agree and come to a suitable solution. Getting back to the hair removal…although I am not as hairy as a gorilla…I have to say I would much rather have someone who trained and certified properly remove my hair than someone who pottered along to half their classes and then got some other bugger to sit their exam. And I am sure I speak for everyone who has worked there nuts of to get through a test legitimately that they don’t want others to get through and demean the test by paying for someone to sit it for them.

    Also, I do reiterate to anyone that has a problem with customer service that they should complain to either the owner of the exam process direct or Thomson head office either in Baltimore or here in Manchester. There is no excuse for bad behavior but the integrity of the test is paramount.



  15. Prometric is a pile of nonsense. Everyday they have a new issue with the testing system due to 1. Updates that are not mandatory and not automated. 2. They accept companies such as CompTia etc etc and do not test their tests throughout the versions of their “current” software in testing center. Reason i leave “” around current, is because 90% of testing centers have different updates and patches etc installed for prometric… ! <- that was only a small essay about their updates – theres piles and piles of other noob stuff that they miss. How can such a big testing program be written without any thought and planning put into it? it feels as if one or 3 interns for VB wrote this system and keep it faulty on purpose so that the customer service (which must have thousands of reps) get job security. IT IS THE WORST TEST SYS EVER.. the javascripts for surveys on facebook work better… I dont know why big companies trust prometric with their certification tests.. Anyone having any business with these idiots gets minus points

  16. and all the Thompson Prometric attempts to blame the CLIENT !?! again:: CLIENT !?!0-o just because they do as they told to.. is bs . Vue used to host majority of testing before Prometric and these guys barely have issues and if they do it is always the error on the test center side. No matter how hard Prometric tries to blame TCA or their CLIENT?!? for the test not starting or the test ID not coming up on server machine even when everything is ran updated and refreshed … they know it is their issue but yet they will deny it untill they have no argument to make after which a pause comes and the issue gets escalated to their next of who knows how many levels of tech support (one of the cust reps told me on the phone as “secret” that he too was fed up with the way system is ran because he gets to talk with TCSA’s that are just plain tired of this shit)

  17. At Duncan Jul 22 “”As for the computer side..yes there are issues…..I have arrived from a perfectly good session to find my systems inexplicably down…no rhyme or reason….thats technology and it sucks”"
    You read the quote above? this is written by someone working for prometric.. enuff said.

  18. oh by the way i wrote all of the above and i am still on HOLD FUCCCCCCCCCC

  19. ” “By taking the biometric information you can alleviate a single person taking tests for others. I do understand that the costs of such a system would be great and then the security of such data has its own issues but all parties need to agree and come to a suitable solution.” ”
    Prometric is the only party that should be paying for any security measure they would like to implements since testing site only gets ~10 bucks out of 100-200 Prometric charges for each test. And test takers should know this little nasty secret

  20. we are the worst incompetent testing system in the world.

  21. “To sum up Thomson have hundreds and hundreds of employees and hundreds of clients all over the world….it must be a logistical nightmare. As a disabled employee they looked after me way beyond that they where required by law. I did not always agree with my managers, their managers and the directors but then I could only see things from my perspective and not from a company wide view. Overall, as with any large organization, things do go wrong but I reiterate complain in writing, nicely, and things can be done….. comments like these may vent your anger for microseconds but doesn’t cure the issues.


    i hope your disability is retardation

  22. I find it hard to believe that no one from Thomson have tried to defend themselves here.

    ok.. you are an idiot for saying that. People who work for prometric should start looking for another job. Anyone working for them has to be more emarassed than parking enforcement or sanitation inspectors..

  23. well, prometric doesn’t control some of the things you guys complain about!! as far as money and them not caring, that’s not true. well maybe the money part. Prometric collects no money unless it’s a GRE test and even then they dont keep it. it goes to the GRE company. also, it is your responsibility to go online or call or something to find out the proper identification or information or papers you are supposed to take in!! They are not your parents, take some responsibility and look for your selves if you go on they website or on your test website it will tell you exactly what you need. and another thing, there are mutiple times where there may be computer issues, where is there not computer issues?? Just be patient.. they are willing to work with you and for you if you just cooroperate. I had a good expierence at the puyallup WA prometric site and i thought they were quite friendly. if you have issues look into why they happend, you’ll find it starts with you..

    • I am sure you are a Prometric employee. How do you know so much about the company’s functions? A social security card worked fine for me.

  24. Well I have to say I’ve also had a bad experience too. I took a state test here in Fl with them. I got my results and said I didnt pass ok it happens.. Then not 2 months later i get my cert in the mail saying I did. Wow cool maybe a testing error ok. So i call the state and they no that was entered wrong by yes Prometric testing. Wow my social and all my info was entered by hand with tha score. So did I really pass or what of course no straight answers from them. So how many other people has this happen too? how many are out there with a cert that they did not pass and got it on a fluke. Do we trust them I say no. something needs to be done. Will it happen probley not. Someone explain….

  25. @rebekah “if you have issues look into why they happend, you’ll find it starts with you..”

    well if prometric did not have a 1,000 flaws and patches maybe there would be less chances for a client or a test site to screw up

  26. I understand many of your frustation but as Duncan say Why blame in prometric? Do you know how many call we take at day? We explain to the candidate what need to take on the day of their examan plus we send a confirmation by email and another by post. The Rules about Id is set up for your on safety. Also say is not perfect sometimes we have issue with the system but we try to make that work in the most liable way. If you feel that you are not given the Customer Service that you deserve you can take the name of that person and write. If you ask we supply the address where to.
    I sorry that you have a bad service and I hope that your experience get better.
    That you wait 90 minutes to book a H/S is not acceptable but probably that day we have some issues with the system. Can I ask you Do you have all the information that we need to book the test? Cand Full Name Dob NIN and full Address.

    Thanks all for your comments.


  27. I have my own hatred of Prometric – I am trying to get my MCSE certification, and started just after M$ decided to drop Vue in favor of Prometric. So far I have tested 5 times, and 4 times, I never got my score report, spent hours on the line with tech support, and even after that had to wait several days to find the results on the prometric website. I took the last test on 12/29 and today, 1/5, the results still show as ‘pending’. The one test that worked properly was taken at a Prometric owned testing facility, with fairly nice equipment, the rest were taken at the local Unitek school, where there is a 15-30 second pause between questions and it takes several minutes to load. Unitek blames Prometric, Prometric blames Unitek, and my thoughts are, with this kind of crap going on, why does Prometric still allow that center to test at all? If the equipment is the problem, why not tell them to upgrade, or pull their approval until they do? The failure to do so makes it Prometrics problem, and I havent even gotten a verbal apology from their CSRs for the hours of time I’ve spent on the phone with them.

  28. I refuse to use Prometric ever again. They are greedy, rude, and unprofessional. I’ve had one bad experience after another each and every time I take an exam. I will never take another IT exam ever again if it means using Prometric. We all need to band together and get word out about Prometric’s poor customer service and bad reputation!

  29. Well, I think that we need to look into several facts before we even start to condemned Prometric.

    I do understand the frustration about the IDs, Money and so on. However Prometric dont control most of it. And didn’t Prometric explained the policies on ID requirement in each and every call after your registration and a simple click at the web will also explains about the requirement.

    Here are some facts that I know about Prometric

    1- Prometric did not keep money nor they determine how much the fees should be, this was pre-determine by the Clients ( GRE, TOEFL, FINRA and lots of exams)

    2- The ID requirements is also something that is pre-determine by clients, Prometric only follows the instruction given.

    3- Prometric do not keep scores and in many exams, Prometric dont even know what the score is. These is done by the clients and is strictly confidentials, even to Prometric. The scores are to be sent out by the Clients i.e the exams sponsors.

    The are many more things that Prometric dont do, beacuse they dont have control in it. They are just doing the exams based on what is given to them by the clients.

    SO guys I don’t see why we all should look at Prometric as the real culprit behind all of this. The best way to give suggestion or channel all of this complaints to the correct people, THE EXAM SPONSORS, so that they empower Prometric in certain thing that can benefits all of us.

  30. I want to file a class action lawsuit against this company.
    They are crooks.
    They take you money then then they have ful control and no customer service.
    You wait on hold forever.

    • Prometrics is the most arrogant franchise around. They are rigid and unfair and do not constitute “reasonable man” criteria. I am surprised there has not been a lawsuit, for they seem to perpetuate an extrememly hostile environment, which is not exactly conducive for stellar test scores.

  31. You’ve got to be shitting me – they need 2 forms of ID but what if you dont have any “2nd form” that they claim matters. They dont take SS cards but they take credit cards.

    Whatever, make up all the excuses you want I dont give a shit, this is Grade-A ridiculous.

  32. Hey folks. I am glad you guys are discussing this issue, and believe me I know exactly what you are talking about. This company gave me too much trouble too. I’ve seen people walk out of the test center with upset faces, saying: “I studied and studied so hard only to fail because of some BS questions!” There needs to be a huge class action against this fraud-practicing company. We need to get together, hire a reputable law firm and way we go.

  33. Yes, I too think Prometric sucks and I have worked for them 5 years. If you think testing with them sucks, you should try working for them. You are not allowed to have a life, and they don’t give a damn about thier employees.

  34. So if we all agree on the evilness of this company, why don’t we take legal action before they inflict more damage to our other fellow test takers?

  35. I recently attempted to sit a Micorsoft exam at Prometric but was refused because I only had one form of ID. I then attempted to reshedule online but it would not allow me, I then phoned prometric customer service to reinstate it so I could reschedule the exam but customer service couldnt even do that. They said I would probably need to pay again. That is rediculous! Yes it is stated in the T&C’s about ID, but the system is inflexible and uncompromising for those legitimate users who have made a genuine mistake.
    If anyone has any ideas on how to get this resolved please let me know?…

  36. Shane,

    The only way to resolve this issue is through a lawsuit, be it a class action or a private one. I am amazed at how naive you people are, when it comes to resolving issues like these. I mean, if someone messes the successful passing of your exam up, you sue. And if you don’t sue, then the company will laugh at you all the more and continue messing you up, getting rich on your hard-earned money. The Universe is telling you: “Get up and sue!” And until you realize that you need to sue, you will continue to get messed up, more and more and more!

  37. Ok kids – I had 9 years in as Test Center Director.
    1: – IT exams – Lousy lousy system. If you are not at a corporate site then you are at the mercy of the local owners. THEY supply the servers and computers for the exams.Don’t expect speedy stuff unless they really care. (still too expensive for them though).
    And the Mothership’s equipment is literally hand me downs from Prometric senior (professional licensing)
    And the software is KLUDGY.
    2: Now, Prometric Senior is a real interesting piece of work. There are a lot of good decent people that work for them. However, like any beauracracy, they are always swimming against the current.
    prometric makes there big money on WRITING and DESIGNING the exams. Delivering them is the second cousin, somewhat of an necessary requirement, but only half hearted effort.
    The only exam they worked really really hard on was the CPA launch, because that was truly a big deal. They visited all sites and delivered good training to everyone.
    And in the process spent there entire travel budget for the year and put everyone else (clients) second. And, they still encountered real issues (don’t you love “challenges” for a term? challenges for whom? them or you???)
    Anyways, They have a habit of nodding there collective heads like bobble-heads to any request/demand/requirement put forth by prospective clients. And once they sign, then the “oops! sorry! we’ll look into that! crap begins. Oh, and the client they signed before that one….hmmmm …. who were they again? Some license for what? Have the intern look into that, ok?
    Meanwhile, Let’s Go Golfing!
    And who suffers? The people they NEVER have to face.

    It’s easier for them to be an idiot when you don’t answer your phone, or when the read from the same manual you are looking at and asking for clarification and they don’t even know and oh, I’ll get back to you and didn’t I tell you I was going to be traveling for two weeks with NO access to phones, internet or anything else that my distract from my perceived job????

    So, it’s not a GOOD reason, but those that do come face to face with you can get a little crisp around the edges. Because we’re not stuggling for us, we’re fighting for you. Really.
    3: ID. QUIT your whining! Dear God, get a clue!! This is YOUR license/cert/CE. YOURS. YOU need to read the policy YOUR Board, Agency or whatever has set for YOUR exam. Question? Call them before hand!! Get a waiver if needed. If this was a contest you’d read the rules. Try getting on a plane with invalid/expired ID or anything that is incorrect.
    (I actually had someone say they had several aliases, so which one did they use this time?)
    Hyphenated name? Your choice! Your problem! register correctly, get admitted. Period. If we DON’T do are jobs correctly, and let anyone in, it dilutes the quality of the system for everone.
    READ THE RULES! We do.

    Good Night.

  38. Prometric sucks, and they are authoritarian, do as they please. they give out false information, as I was told that I had 4.5 hours to do the exam but I got timed out at 1.5 or so. Nor do they take responsibility for their mistakes, as when I complained they gave me a ticket just to get me out of the door, with a # to call. I thought that they reported that they gave me false information, but when I called the number it turned out that the Prometric staff at the testing site did not enter the timing issue with the ticket at all! Instead they put in some derogatory comments about me! I just could not believe it. Watch out, they give false information on everything, the exam, and you, if you dare to complain. Also they left their stations unattended, and anyone could see other people’s scores on the monitors. I do not think that Prometric staff should see how people are scoring, or any of the details, as it gives them such a superiority attitude and they treat people bad, supply false information and take responsibility for nothing.

  39. this prometric has now value no more than a bullshit.
    In India its conducting CAT for admissions into iims-premier management schools in the country.Look at the way the tests are being conducted.
    I was asked to report 2 hours prior to the scheduled time(test time 3.30) but when I reached there,the seen was devastating and my blood started to boil.Not a single dog asked us about the test and no one was present there either.This is prometric for you.
    This remained the situation till 3 pm and at around 3.15 we were asked to ready for check in.
    The exam started at 3.30.But soon we realized that the exam was not going ahead.Every time we tried to click on next the page was coming to the same position from where it has started.This went on for half an hour.
    Later on the staff came to rescue which was itself foolish.The officers knew nothing apart from logging in and out.These all officers were trained by prometric.
    The test could not go forward and at around 5.30 we realized that every one is hungry.We were informed at 6 pm that the test has been abandoned and the revised schedule will be informed to the students immediately-within 48 hrs.
    Now after 48 hrs we have not received any reply or any sort of clarification of rescheduling.
    We want prometric to pay for the mental harassment of the students caused by the poor management.

  40. When I showed up at the testing center 45 mns before my exam, the building was locked. Guess they took the day off.

    FU prometric

  41. Prometric also conducts what should be illegal CNA exams in CT. The RN coached one girl through to remind her to put on gloves she also did not wash her hands prior to writing down pulse and respirations. Both important to prevent the spead of germs and an auto fail. Guess what she passed her. I was told I did not zero a scale that was set at zero and failed. Judging from the complaints it was because there was a middle intial on my 38 year old ID forms and it was not on thae test center form. Don’t you think she would have told me to reschedule at $25 or fail me. Wouldn’t have been so bad but for the blatant coaching I thought that was prohibited. Yeah don’t think I want a prometric licensed aide near me.

  42. Prometric also conducts what should be illegal CNA exams in CT. The RN coached one girl through to remind her to put on gloves she also did not wash her hands prior to writing down pulse and respirations. Both important to prevent the spead of germs and an auto fail. Guess what she passed her. I was told I did not zero a scale that was set at zero and failed. Judging from the complaints it was because there was a middle intial on my 38 year old ID forms and it was not on thae test center form. Don’t you think she would have told me to reschedule at $25 or fail me and get another $67 dollars for prometrics coffers. Wouldn’t have been so bad but for the blatant coaching I thought that was prohibited. Yeah don’t think I want a prometric licensed aide near me.

  43. I live in FL and took my CNA Exam which I studied and practiced for diligently. I too failed the weighing on the scale. The evaluator interupted me during the procedure when I was going to get a paper towel to put on the scale said I did not need to do that. I forgot to set the scale to zero however, realized it and told her I forgot and that I was setting the scale to zero and proceding to weigh my lady. She failed me for it. I appealed it and that was a joke, it seems like I got a letter back that was computer generated and did not address any of the concerns I brought forth in the letter. Now, I have to retake the skills exam AGAIN and they tell me they can’t guarantee me I won’t get the same evaluator. Isn’t that a conflict of interest or what. REDICULOUS!!!!!

  44. prometric will charge against your credit card after you cancel a test. thieves

  45. I scheduled an appointment for prometric test center in usa.It was on saturday at 8am.I got confirmation email.I even due to some reason had to call prometric and it over phone also confirmed my test on 8am saturday.I work nights.After returning from work at 2 am,I had dinner till 3,studied till 4 and slept only one hour as I had to leave home at 5:30 am to be at testing center.To my surprise,when I reached there,it was CLOSED. I did 0enter in vistors log as there was security guard for building.He told me its closed.The center didnot open till 12 pm where as I was scheduled for 8am test.I had left a phone message on testing center phone so lady called me after 12pm.She was rude,and didn’t even apologize to me.She gave me phone number 1800 to call.It was closed due to being saturday. I don’t know what I should do.I didn’t even sleep.so had to suffer lot of mental emotional stress.I know they will reschedule my exam.but who will pay for very costly transport and for my emotional and mental sufferings? PLEASE GUIDE WHAT SHOULD I DO SHOULD I SUE PROMETRIC.THEY HAVE BEEN PLAYING WITH MANY STUDENTS LIKE THIS,AND JUST DON’T CARE.PLEASE GUIDE

  46. Ok so I have tessed with Prometric on many occasions and For some reason I can not seem to score the 1 extera point to pass this 1603 exam and this lastewt attempt to pass was a complete FLOP..I scored an overall 64% the worst to date..I have studoes long and Hard to pass this exam only to find that this outline on the latest test was INCOMPREHENSIVE and did not pertain to my exam at all for the most part the test took really long to load and I thimk this is a scam for $$$$ test as much as you like keep paying work hard know the book inside and out BUT NEVER grt that extra 1% to pass…I think we all should contact the Better Business Buruea and place our complaints…when I told the girl that I had Questions not even realted to my INDUSTRY she replied we get alot of those complaints…call Prometric.

  47. Dear Mam / Sir,
    REF: Confirmation Number: – SA7SYD5192, Test Name or Number: – ISEB BH0-006
    As per my schedule of exam at 5:15 pm IST, I went to my exam center (NiHT Infosolution Pvt Ltd. Mobile, Kolkata) 35 minutes before at 4:40 pm IST. However to my utter surprise on furnishing the confirmation document and ID proofs) to the respective center incharge he said that the center is closed on sundays and I will not be allowed to take the exam. Upon requesting him for help and if he can confirm in writing that I have appeared on time but the center is closed, he started abusing me with all sorts of filthy languages and slangs. Later he and the security incharge had slapped me and pushed be out of the institute and later closed the shutters. I have previously also appeared in other prometric centers but have never undergone this sort of humiliation and have never been beaten without fault of mine.
    I would like to know if the particular Center (NiHT Infosolution Pvt Ltd. Mobile, Kolkata) is closed on sunday as they claimed, then why did I get the confirmation from Prometric website that my exam is confirmed. Secondly who is to be blamed and held responsible, is it prometric or the concerned center (NIHT Infosolution Pvt Ltd. Mobile). Also let me know who will be responsible for the $100 dollars that I have given at the time of registration for the exam.
    I would like the following things to be incoporated at the earliest.
    1) I get a total refund of the full money as this is not because of my fault or atleast I can re-take the exam free of cost within the registered period (31-12-2011).
    2) NIHT Infosolution Pvt Ltd. Mobile, Kolkata to be removed/blacklisted from Prometric as they are playing with the future of the exam takers and they also humiliate examinees and beat them.
    3) Prometric should update its website and not allow scheduling to centers which are closed on Sundays.
    I also tried up calling the helpdesk number from then and there, but it played a recorded message that it is available only from Mondays to Fridays, so to no avail.
    I would want a fair disposal of the above points, or else will be forced to move to the court of law for proper justice.

  48. Two words can fix this: PEARSON VUE.

    Fewer problems, greater professionalism.

  49. Corrupt, corrupt, incompetent gangsters and the State of Florida contracts with gangsters like them.

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