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I just want to let everyone know what I'm doing right now. Please bare with me until I have my site the way I want it. All day yesterday, I was working on my site's layout, design, and site map. I completed the LMB^Box Plugins Menu that will be for all of the Plugin Pages so that you can easily get to the plugin's page. I also got all of my plugin pages up and something little in them as well. Next I really want to do some changes to the site's design and more advanced layouts for certain pages, and I also have to finish fixing the display of the site in IE (works just great in FireFox). I need to defiantly update all of my info about me and my plugins on the WordPress Plugin Competition Blog and on the WordPress Plugin Competition Documentation and Download Wiki. I haven't updated any info in a while now because I was working so hard on my LMB^Box Smileys plugin and adding new features. Thats about it for right now, I'll let everyone know what I'm doing if anything changes ...

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