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Updating Site / WordPress

I will be updating my site over the next day or so to the lastest version of WordPress which is 1.51.1 that they just updated. If there are any problems, please bare with me until I get them fixed. Thanks :tongue1_tb: :thumbup_tb: :bye_tb:

Well guess what .... I'm DONE! :cheese_ee: :tonguerolleye_ee: I had a minor problem the first time I tried updating/upgrading my site to version, but that was my fault! I didn't delete the files off of my server before I tried to sync my site up via Dreamweaver and I guess some of the files didn't sync up right and didn't get uploaded. So I did the update/upgrade again, but this time I removed all files except for my theme, plugins, and wp-content/files directories! And it worked GREAT! :clap_tb: :smoke_tb:

There are still some features that I would like to see in WordPress that are not there, like on write a page or edit a page, you can't change the post date. I would like this because that it would allow me to keep pages for my plugins and when I update a page, it shows it. Anyways ... I'm glad to be up to! :rasberry_ee: :lol_tb:

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