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$125 Gone in 2 Hours!

Well that was fun ... not really! Yesturday I went to take my CCNA Exam ... F**K! :furious_tb: As you can guess, I didn't pass. I received a 700 and needed 849 to pass (this is out of a 300 to 1000 point scale :confused_ee: :blink_tb: :huh_tb: :confused_wp: ). Yea I have no idea how the test is scored, but I'm going to find out more info soon! I had taken Networking I & II (CCNA Sem. I & II) in school plus I used the "CCNA for Dummies" book just for a quick review, and BOTH didn't cover all the things you need to know for the test! One or the other may have hit on a topic, but neither gave you all the info you needed (in depth info). Well ... no sweat ... :surrender_tb: I'm going to be working for the next couple of months as a freakin' telemarketor! Who knows, I just may be the one calling you! It's for this Nelnet finacing company who gives students their school loans ... anyway my first day is Monday 2pm - 11pm ( :wallbash_tb: ) and it's for the training. Hell I can't really complain too much, the pay is $10/hour and 40hours/week; I only made $2 more when I was working for my school system as a network tech! It's just a temp job to bring in some funds to throw right back out at the IT Industory (Certs)! Plus I really need some new things and I don't have the money for them right now. After the first week of work, I'll have enough to take my test again, so I'll be taking it again in like 2 weeks. That's about it for now ...

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  1. Too bad dude! I want to start studying A+ and N+ soon.


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