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LMB^Box FilePress Small!

Well I just cranked this out for Danny. I hope that it helps him and works great. :clap_tb: :thumbup_tb: :drunk_tb:

:rasberry_ee: This is a php file uploading utility. It has a login page for secure logins using either plain text passwords or md5 hashes. You can have as many users/pass as you would like. It is only the upload/get from url feature, there is no browse feature. You just simply upload the lmbbox-filepress-small folder to your server after you have configured the settings in the lmbbox-filepress-small.php file at the top.

You may download the new plugin below:
LMB^Box FilePress Small

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  1. Hey Montie,

    Thanks for this! I owe you one!! I hope it works with 900mb files (:P), i’ll try it out with big files as soon as I switch servers.

    Thanks again,

  2. No problem Danny! What type of internet connection do you have? dialup or DSL/Cable? If you have dialup you will have to stay online for the entire transfer and with DSL/Cable, this is more do-able.

  3. I’ve got broadband. A 1 gig transfer typically takes me around 4 minutes.

    Not bad! ;)

    It’s better than downloading a gig each time at 56/k then uploading at 25/k.

    I really appreciate it!


  4. Well that’s just great to hear! Enjoy!

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