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Site Update!

I just got done updating the site a bit. I added Google Adsense Ads to the left side of the main page. For those of you who are using a 800 x 600 resolution, I'm sorry but now you will have a horizontal scroll bar but the good thing is that you only have to scroll over once and then everything will be visable except for the Ads. Please take the time to support this site by just clicking on one, a couple, or some more of the links. All support is greatly appreciated, thanks all! :tongue_wink_ee:

I still need to do alot of work on the site some more with the coding and layout, plus I would like to change the color scheme. Also I want to add some better images to my Meta and Links sections. I still need to try and fix the problem with IE's display of single posts, some problem with the nav bar. And of course I need and want to finish my LMB^Box FilePress plugin ASAP! :doh_tb:

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