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It surely has been awhile since I last posted ... there's a new update of WordPress, it's now version They said it was due for a security issue that they released the update, so update ASAP! On a more local note, I'm placing an ad in my local papers (Culpeper Star Exponet and Culpeper News) to see if there is any interest in a Gaming Cafe in Culpeper. I have updated my main site LMB^Box - www.lmbbox.com and the gaming site also LMB^Box: Gaming - www.gaming.lmbbox.com. I also setup my forum which I had been meaning to do since the move from the old server. It's running phpbb 2.0.16 and I'm using a style / theme called "chunkstyle." I like the color scheme and it's kind of like this theme too. I will be doing more work on the style / theme and other mods on the forums when I get the time.

Yes! I know I still need to finish LMB^Box FilePress! I'm sorry I have not had the time to finish it up lately, but I will soon ... hopefully. There are still many things that I would like to add to the plugin to complete it, and if you have any suggestions please post them in the comments of the FilePress plugin page or on this post. Thanks for all your support.

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