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Site Design Feedback?

I have been working on a new site design to use for my main site LMB^Box and I would make a WP theme to match for this blog. But ... I've run into a few problems ... I'm not to sure about the look and feel of the design. I've been using Photoshop CS2 to create my design and have created my images to use and have a basic template to lay all the pieces together, but I fear that the text will not be clear ...

What I'm going for in a design:
Well I want a site to reflect what it's about ... Technology, Gaming, Computers, Hosting ... I would like a clean, tech design that looks wonderful. I would like to have some darkness in the design but for the most part be bright ... I really like grays, silver, red, black, blue ... like my current blog's theme and my forums theme.

What I have so far:
So far this is what I have ...

I have created this design using Photoshop CS2 and have just added some text to show where the problems are. The Main Menu will be across the top of the page and will be drop lists (using js). Then there is my header with the site name, url, and logo. Next is a Pathway bar that will show the structure of where you are currently at. Then the main content area with two optional sidebars (think one will always be there ... left). And last but not least, the footer.

Currently I'm making this design to be used with Mambo, so I may just end up replacing WordPress with Mambo even though I love WordPress ... it's just to have only one system to have to work with.

What I need is any feedback as to what you think about the design as of right now ... what improvements could I make ... what's bad about it ... anything at all! I believe I will end up just starting over with a cleaner design in mind and lighter / better colors. So any help / feedback would be wonderfull! Thanks all!

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  1. ok, for me it is quite good, as it is now, the design.
    I like the good contrast for the font. I saw a lot of very good designs…. but I could hardly read the content, because the sentences have been very bad to read.
    In such cases, even the best design is bad.
    Your new logo is a bit special, well, to be honest, I do not know now, do I like it or not.
    Also I do not know, what it is (thougth this in fact not necessary).
    Hm, I hope, you will get still some other comments.
    Mambo, will you then WordPress integrate in Mambo? Or is in Mambo another kind of blogg?

    I would like also to have ONE site as a kind of portal (even if only private).

    -I want to have integrate a news section to say the very most important things.
    -Then I would like to have a blogg with a calendar
    -Then I want integrate a photo-Gallery.
    -Different sections, like gaming, hobbies or so, I could integrate easy, I guess.

    But my target would be: ONE main-page, where I can see the most importants things, and then I could go to a lot of places in this portal without having a lot of different designs.
    Well, although, this was also once an idea from me: The design could change, depending where I am (like in Gallery, blogg…).
    But finally I think, it would be better to have one design.

    I wonder, Thomas, what you will do once :biggrin_wp: .
    Go ahead with your good work!

  2. Forgot to say:
    The cross, instead the normla pointer (arrow) I do not really like, sorry

  3. Markus, I didn’t fill in any main content text because I know that will show just fine … I’ll use a dark font color over a white background. I am really only worried about the Main Menu, the Pathway bar, and the Sidebars.

    What Mambo is:
    Mambo is an open source CMS (Content Management System). It’s designed to allow easy publishing of news, info, articals, etc. without the need to modify any code. WordPress can only really go so far … as a personal / business blog, it’s the best! But it’s not ment to be a CMS. I believe that I will most likely keep WP running for my blog and run my site with Mambo, even thought Mambo has a blog addin.

    My logo is suppose to be a Black Box … LMB^Box stands for Lord Montauge’s Black Box. I was toying with other ideas, but just hit problems … I don’t want my logo to look like all the others out there that use a box, but I want it to still be clean and clear … so it’s back to the drawing board!

    About the cross cursor, it’s what came with the original theme that I based my theme off of. I kind of like it because it’s just different then everything else …

    As for you, WordPress should be fine to do what you want! You will create WordPress in your document root / web root folder and install Gallery in a subfolder. Create a WP catagory for news and anything else you what … add links to your gallery … you’ll have to edit the index.php theme file to show only posts from the news catagory by using the news catagory’s ID (look at the Codex for WordPress).

    Thanks for your input and options! I too hope that I get more feedback / comments …

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