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I will be updating my main site LMB^Box - www.lmbbox.com for the next day or so. I'll update this post as to when the site is up and running again!

If you try to go to www.lmbbox.com, you will be redirected here for the time being until the site is backup. I'll keep you posted ...

Well scratch that! For some reason the .htaccess file is having errors so for the time being my main site will just be messy until it's done ... sorry!

I didn't have time to update this post last night ... it was a long day and night! Busy with lots of other things needing to be done plus with the fact that I'm updating my site, a MAJOR update! Well, everything is just about done. The main files are up and the system is running. I just have to finish editing all the settings and content ... you will just get a down for maintenance page when trying to view my main site. Oh yes, almost all the subdomains are down also. The only ones still up are aboutme.lmbbox.com, forums.lmbbox.com, nicki.lmbbox.com, and shop.lmbbox.com (even though this one will throw errors since some of the files it needs are gone!). I'll update more later ...

I've been trying to get a handle on Mambo for the past couple of weeks but it's just not working out right! I'm thinking about trying something else ... but everything else that I've looked at was crap or didn't work like I needed it to. Bottom line is that the CMS System has to be PHP/MySQL powered, Pluginable, and Open Source! I guess I'll have to try some more of these different ones and I'll just keep working on Mambo, but until further notice, www.lmbbox.com is down for maintenance!

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