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Poll: WYSIWYG vs Plain Text Box?

Ok, this is a poll to see what's in your WordPress Admin Panel!

I want to know if you use the standard Plain Text Box with Quicktags to write posts and pages or do you use a WYSIWYG editor plugin/hack :question_ee: Which do you prefer ... which is easier for you ... any comment you have about your choice :exclaim_ee:

Please, anyone who views this post and uses WordPress for their blog ... please just take a moment and fill out a comment about which one you use, why you like it, and (if it's a WYSIWYG editor) what is the plugin's/hack's name (a link would be nice too :cheese1_ee: ).

I'm polling this because of my LMB^Box FilePress and LMB^Box Smileys plugins ... I wanted to see how many of the WordPress users out there use the default Plain Text Box or install one of the WYSIWYG editors, this way I can add compatiblity to my plugins. I thank you all for taking the time to read this and making any comments you may make ...

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  1. hi, i am using the standard plain text box with quicktags. i added some new quicktags for my personal use. sometimes i use also bloggar but i don’t need it really. i heard that there is going to be a wysiwyg editor integrated in the new wp 1.6. i had a look at it and if will be nice.

  2. Hi,
    I am using the standard plain text box with quicktags, smileys and filepress, as you maybe can remember.

    BTW: please be patient with me, I will do as I have you written (send a letter), but I at the time I find not the time…

  3. Markus, no rush and don’t worry about it. When and if you can that would be wonderful … but if not it’s all good! Thanks for your feedback Philippe and Markus … wish more would post a comment …

  4. A bit late maybe, but I just came across this post…

    I’m using the standard textarea, in combination with my markup-selecter plugin. Sometimes I like to use Markdown, sometimes BBCode. Markdown is practical for technical documents, BBCode is nice and easy for simpler posts. I also use some homegrown tags to create indexes, download sections and the like. I don’t use the quicktags very often.

    In WP1.6 we will be able to choose between the textarea and the TinyMCE. I think it’s a good thing to have a wysiwig editor, because it’s pretty hard to explain Markdown and the like to non-technical users. And I think it’s really good that we will have the choice, because a) there are technical users :wink_wp: b) it doesn’t work with all browsers (Opera for instance)

    I’m facing the same problem as you with my Coppermine Integration plugin. It adds a bar with the most recent pictures under the quicktags, and you can insert the pictures by clicking on them. I will eventually have to make it work with TinyMCE, but the fact is doesn’t work with Opera is a stopper for me…

    Thanks for the wp-smileys plugin btw :thumbup_tb:

  5. Well Stinlgar, thanks for your comment. It’s better late then never … I didn’t really get as may comments and feedback as I would have liked but any bit helps! Thanks for all the info and the support! :P

    If I remember correctly, TinyMCE has an upload/browse feature already in it but I’m not sure if it can do file uploads too. And even if it doesn’t have an upload/browse feature, I’d have to learn how to plugin to the TinyMCE toolbar … not that big of a deal … I just hope all my work on FilePress doesn’t go a bust! :down_tb:

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