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I know I havn't been posting and updating as much as I wish and I'm sorry ... :annoyed_tb: ... I've been very busy with alot of other things going on. I thought that I would have the next release of my LMB^Box FilePress done a week ago, but with everything else going on I havn't had to time like I wanted to. So I don't think that the next release of FilePress will be poking its head out anytime soon ... sorry everyone!

On another note, there was a comment about using a different way to process the LMB^Box Smileys Tags and if I get time to look into this I'll see if it's a good update ...

I also have an idea that came from Podz about having a downloadable version of the WordPress Codex. I'm looking into creating an auto/manual query PHP script/plugin that would add an additional menu (like "Codex" or "Help") and page that would allow your to select all of some of the WordPress Codex and Download a pdf version of it (it would be up to the minute lastest version of the WordPress Codex). I'll have to look into this one some more, but once again I have to find the time!

I have a few other ideas for new plugins ... some useful and then just plain fun! I'll be pretty much gone (like I have been) until I finish something or come up with something else, but I will try to keep up and respond to any comments posted or emails I get.

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