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After using "Montie" as a quick-fix tag to call myself after creating this blog, I'm now ready to use a tag that is more like ME! YAY :clap_tb:! After some thought and help from my fiancee, we ended up with LordMontie ... since we sometimes refer to our else as Lord and Lady Montague (To-Be :tongue_wink_ee:). Then I added my own touch of Leet to the base tag and came up with "|_0ro|/\/\0n+!3" ... I'm very pleased with it! So now since this tag change I believed that it was time for a new email to suit ... lordmontie AT gmail DOT com ... just right! :rasberry_ee: I've gone ahead and changed my "Displayed Name" in my WordPress Profile here, but any old posts won't be updated to the new tag ... O well, just have to what for that next time to comment back! :bye_tb:

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  1. Hey! wooo what an awesome name! Thats so original :) I can’t wait for our “mini-break”, we’ll be Lord and Lady of the Ball.
    Love always,
    Lady M~

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