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This Is F**K’n Ridiculous!

Ok let's start back a few days ago ... I went to check my emails :wink1_tb: ... sweet lard :jittery_tb: 77 comments, all but two SPAM! DAHMNIT :furious_tb:, why do you think I have Comment Moderation turned on you dumb asses! Now again just a few minutes ago ... 82 comments :guns_tb:, this time ALL SPAM! Go get a freaking life, I have a reason why I have Comment Moderation turned on and nothing is going to be displayed unless I want it to! So here's to all you SPAMMERs out there ... time to flush :flush_tb: the shit down the hole :flush_tb: :flush_tb: :flush_tb: :flush_tb:!

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  1. Oh sweet lard lol I like the smiley that’s shooting things, he must work for the postal service . :blink_tb:

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