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If you haven't already noticed, I've changed my blog's address! :ponder_tb: I've moved from http://aboutme.lmbbox.com to http://blog.lmbbox.com :blink_tb: I think that it looks better ...

I'm going to be working on updating my WP install to the latest version and my theme & plugins to work! That's good news to who ever has been waiting for me to make an update and release for some of my plugins (LMB^Box Smileys and FilePress). I'm also going to be getting my main site www.lmbbox.com back online. Soon that will be the main place to find my works/plugins/code and this blog will become completely personal. :cheese1_ee:

I'm hoping to complete all this within the next couple of weeks ... can't wait for that day so I can ... :smoke_tb:

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