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This morning I'll be going in for an interview for a Jr. Network Admin position! Yesterday morning around 9:30am EST, I received a phone call on my cell/work from the manager that was interested it me for this position. We talked for a few minutes and then she asked what my schedule was like so that I could come in to meet. As of right now I have clearly no set schedule so it was all open, so she said that she'd have to check her manager's schedule and get back to me.

At this point I was freaking! :jittery_tb: I couldn't believe that I just received a call back, let alone an interview request! I have been looking for a full time position for over 2 years :bigsurprise_ee: now and now I finally there is some interest in me.

Well 10 minutes later ... after freaking out the whole time ... she calls back with the news that at 11am today I have an interview for the position. All yesterday I was a little out of it after that ... and this morning I couldn't sleep, I was up at 6am ... let's see what happens today! It's time to review everything that needs polishing and to get ready ... :shock_tb:

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