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Upgrated Site … New Theme … Lots Of Problems!

Well I've just finished working on the upgrades for this blog. I upgraded to WordPress 2.0.3 and a new theme called Water. This all was done by a freak chance that I saw the Water theme and I just couldn't resist wanting to upgrade my blog. Hopefully this will get me started on some long needed updates to some of my plugins and keep me on track with blogging.

This new theme is a bit buggy right now. The topmenu only works in FireFox right now (a good reason to get/use FireFox!) so I'll have to work something out with IE.

This post I'm writing with the WYSIWYG editer on. I just wanted to see how it would turn out like. If it's any good, I'd need to get my LMB^Box Smileys plugin updated to add a button to the WYSIWYG system. That's about it for right now ...

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