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Finally Joined The Bandwagon!

Today after getting MORE spam :flush_tb: that got through Bad Behavior 2.0.2, I decided to get my API Key for Akismet and activate the plugin. I created a WordPress.com account and blog a long time ago, but never used it. So I've just deleted my blog there but my account still remains with my API Key! The first thing Akismet did (well not the first thing) was to show me on my Manage page that I had 2300+ comments MARKED as spam. :blink_tb: WHAT!? I thought I had deleted all the spam comment! I guess not, marking a comment as spam saves the comment in the database but just marks it as spam and doesn't display it. So Akismet showed me all of them and offered to delete them for me. Why should I argue with that :ponder_tb:, Delete All please :guns_tb: ... click ... all gone, YAY! :drunk_tb: Do you want to know what that did for my database? Sure you do ... my wp_comments table was at ~4.2MB :gulp_ee: BEFORE I deleted all the comments marked as spam ... now it's at a nice 255.2KB! :bigsurprise_ee: HOLY SH*T, talk about taking out the trash! That alone makes me happy that I finally did activate Akismet! :thumbup_tb:

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