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New Job, First Apartment; Finally Moving On!

So as the title of this post states, I have a new job which is exactly what I have been looking for about two+ years now! It's a full time salary job with benefits with no end in sight. I'll be working for a company called Evolution in Columbia, MD and Annapolis, MD. I will be getting my first apartment also and along with that the joy of HIGH SPEED INTERNET ACCESS! I start Monday the 21st which is not that far away and I'm working on moving into the apartment Friday the 18th. I just heard back today from the apartment guy today letting me know that my application was declined because I didn't have 3 or more years of credit. Well duh, I'm 20 years old (birth day in March) so I only have 2 and a half years credit right now. So I've had to get a co-signer to fill out an application to see if that will work, I'll find out by noon tomorrow.

On another note, because of the new job and the move I won't really be able to put alot of time into anything code or website related. Hopefully after everything settles down and I get into the hang of things, I'll be able to finish what I started!

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  1. It’s really exciting isn’t it? I hope you are happy at your job and everything goes well for you. Miss you soo much.
    Lady M

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