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A Much Needed Vacation

Posted by LordMontie

Well, I just got back from a much needed vacation at Virgina Beach, Va. A good time was had by all! :smile1_ee:

Now it's time to get ready for work tomorrow but before that, I'm going to work on uploading some photos.

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Finally a new post!

Posted by LordMontie

Yes! This is not a weird dream, you do see a new post on my site. It sure has been quite a while since I've posted anything except comments. I've just gotten the desire to finally finish my work on my main site www.lmbbox.com. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I'll have my PHP Development and Technical Services site so that I can start using this blog for the original purpose of blogging! Then maybe I'll have time to continue working on my plugins / code that's just fallen completely off the map over the last year. I'm really looking forward to completing my site and to start posting on a more regular basis about my life and everyday things. Let's see where this goes ...

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To take the Apple or not? That is the question!

Posted by LordMontie

For the past 2-3 weeks I have had the pleasure to work with a PowerBook G4 that was given to the contact at the client I'm working for. In fact, right now I'm writing this post on the laptop! I'm debating if I should go with a PC or Mac when I buy a new laptop for me. I was originally looking at buying an Alienware laptop because of the power and what I would be doing with the laptop. Now, I'm REALLY hooked on Macs! I'm loving the current OS, the way the system preforms and the fact that the OS is based on Unix. Since I have started using the system, I have not had a single crash or frozen screen.

I took a look at apple.com and found the new version of the Mac laptop, the MacBook and MacBook Pro. If I were to get a Mac system, I'd go with a MacBook Pro 17" system. The power behind the system before I even customize it is just amazing! The 17" model has this as the default system setup:

* 2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
* 1680 x 1050 pixels
* 2GB memory
* 160GB hard drive
* 8x double-layer SuperDrive
* ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics with 256MB SDRAM

WOW, what a setup! I'll just have to wait and see how I feel a little later on after working with this PowerBook G4 for a while more. I've been able to get just about every piece of software that I need in a Mac version and have found new software out there that is for the Mac to do the same thing that software on the PC does. I'll post an update later on as to what step I take ...

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New Job, First Apartment; Finally Moving On!

Posted by LordMontie

So as the title of this post states, I have a new job which is exactly what I have been looking for about two+ years now! It's a full time salary job with benefits with no end in sight. I'll be working for a company called Evolution in Columbia, MD and Annapolis, MD. I will be getting my first apartment also and along with that the joy of HIGH SPEED INTERNET ACCESS! I start Monday the 21st which is not that far away and I'm working on moving into the apartment Friday the 18th. I just heard back today from the apartment guy today letting me know that my application was declined because I didn't have 3 or more years of credit. Well duh, I'm 20 years old (birth day in March) so I only have 2 and a half years credit right now. So I've had to get a co-signer to fill out an application to see if that will work, I'll find out by noon tomorrow.

On another note, because of the new job and the move I won't really be able to put alot of time into anything code or website related. Hopefully after everything settles down and I get into the hang of things, I'll be able to finish what I started!

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Finally Joined The Bandwagon!

Posted by LordMontie

Today after getting MORE spam :flush_tb: that got through Bad Behavior 2.0.2, I decided to get my API Key for Akismet and activate the plugin. I created a WordPress.com account and blog a long time ago, but never used it. So I've just deleted my blog there but my account still remains with my API Key! The first thing Akismet did (well not the first thing) was to show me on my Manage page that I had 2300+ comments MARKED as spam. :blink_tb: WHAT!? I thought I had deleted all the spam comment! I guess not, marking a comment as spam saves the comment in the database but just marks it as spam and doesn't display it. So Akismet showed me all of them and offered to delete them for me. Why should I argue with that :ponder_tb:, Delete All please :guns_tb: ... click ... all gone, YAY! :drunk_tb: Do you want to know what that did for my database? Sure you do ... my wp_comments table was at ~4.2MB :gulp_ee: BEFORE I deleted all the comments marked as spam ... now it's at a nice 255.2KB! :bigsurprise_ee: HOLY SH*T, talk about taking out the trash! That alone makes me happy that I finally did activate Akismet! :thumbup_tb:

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